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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Terrible Twos

Well it finally happen. My little princess is now two and definitely have the terrible two syndrome. She is so adorable at times but when the little diva don't have her way..oh  boy a fit is coming. I am extremely amaze at her increase vocabulary of words these days. (Thanks Nick Jr.). When something happen or when she makes a mistake she loves to say "Oh No..Oh my Gosh"! The other day when she was leaving school she saw there some trash on the ground and she started saying "What a Mess" Oh Gosh. It was too cute. She loves giving hug especially when she did something wrong to you. She says "I'm sorry...give me a hug" Now I still have issues with bed time and nap time when she is home on the weekends. This little girl does not like to sleep all day. However, she hates to be disturb from her sleep especially in the morning when its time for school. I am trying so hard to get her to bed by ten so she can wake up peacefully and be ready to go to school. However, she wakes up with an attitude and wants to fight because I'm bothering her screaming "No Mommy No!" Where did my little baby go. Now she is a little toddler talking non stop and act like she is five instead of two.

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