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Monday, September 12, 2011

Picky Eater

As a parent, we want the best for our children. We want them to grow up strong and have all the best nutrients to keep them healthy and smart. However, we have the struggles of finding what is the right foods to give our children and what foods they may like. My two year old is such a picky eater. One minute she loves veggie, the next she doesn't. Today I was surprise that she actually ate some my salad that I was eating. It made me so proud. So I am definitely going to continue to encourage her to eat veggies. I am a strong believer in starting early to introduce proper and healthy eating habits for your child. Therefore, it will become habit and they will see it as a normal way of eating.

I am sharing some information from I found regarding the right foods for the right age for your child. 

Feeding Your Toddler

Your toddler is making strides at playing nice, helping out, and speaking coherently (you love the sound of “Mommy”!), and it’s important to encourage that development with the right fuel — i.e. plenty of healthy, kid-friendly foods. Toddlers are hardly hearty eaters and are rarely keen on trying new foods, so learn how to sneak in wholesome foods, tempt a picky palate, and teach healthy eating habits with these month-by-month tips on toddler eating and nutrition. Then visit the feeding your toddler section for even more advice. 

One-Year-Old Toddler

12-Month-Old Toddler: Milk for Toddlers: Which Kind is Right 
Here's how to figure out which kind of milk — whole or reduced-fat — to pour into your toddler's sippy cup.

13-Month-Old Toddler: The Benefits of Fiber for Kids
Not only will fiber keep toddlers regular, it can help keep them slim and healthy too.

14-Month-Old Toddler: Toddler Eating Habits: A Few Golden Rules
Looking for ways to instill healthy lifelong eating habits in your toddler? Look no further. These golden rules will help you lay the groundwork.

15-Month-Old Toddler: Tips for Feeding Vegetarian Kids
Meat's not on the menu for your little one? Not to worry. Toddlers can absolutely thrive on a vegetarian diet.

16-Month-Old Toddler: The Scoop on Soy Milk for Children 
Is soy milk good for your toddler? Here's how it measures up, cup for cup, against cow's milk.

17-Month-Old Toddler: Breakfast Ideas for Kids: Best Ways to Start the Day
These scrumptious (and healthy) breakfast ideas for kids can give your toddler a boost in the morning.

18-Month-Old Toddler: Calcium for Toddlers: Seven Surprising Sources
How to get your child to consume more calcium (hint: milk isn't the only option!)

19-Month-Old Toddler: Iron and Toddlers: How to Make Sure Your Child Is Getting Enough
Could your child's diet need more iron? How can you even tell? Here's how to make sure your toddler is getting enough iron-rich foods.

20-Month-Old Toddler: Kids and Sugar: The Skinny on Sweets
Learn how to limit sugar and tame your toddler's sweet tooth.

21-Month-Old Toddler: Cholesterol in Kids: When to Check It and What to Do
Why some toddlers have high cholesterol and what you can do to bring it back down.

22-Month-Old Toddler: Healthy Snacks for Kids: 23 Toddler-friendly Ideas
Is your tot too busy — or full — to eat much at mealtime? Healthy snacks help toddlers get the nutrients they need to grow big and strong.

23-Month-Old Toddler: Eight Double-Duty Healthy Foods for Toddlers 
When every bite counts, you want to serve your toddler healthy foods that cover a bunch of nutrition bases.

Two-Year-Old Toddler

24-Month-Old Toddler: Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables: Four Tried-and-True Tips
Does your toddler hate greens? Try these strategies for turning a veggie loather into a veggie lover.

25-Month-Old Toddler: Brain-Boosting Food for Kids
When it comes to nurturing your toddler's noggin, mealtime is just as important as playtime. That's why you'd be wise to stock your kitchen with these brain foods for kids.

26-Month-Old Toddler: Probiotics for Children: A Natural Way to Heal Tender Tummies
When it comes to diarrhea, you can use good bugs (probiotics for children) to help fight the bad ones.

27-Month-Old Toddler: Healthy Kid-Meal Makeovers
Is your child addicted to pancakes, ice cream, and pizza? Here are healthy twists on toddler favorites.

28-Month-Old Toddler: Fending Off Food Allergies in Children
Peanuts! And eggs! And wheat! Oh my! What you should know if your toddler is allergic.

29-Month-Old Toddler: The Best and Worst Drinks for Toddlers 
With so many types of beverages out there (sports drinks, energy drinks, juice drinks, flavored milk, and more), it can be hard to figure out which ones are healthy drinks and which ones your toddler can do without. This mini guide helps you sort it out.

30-Month-Old Toddler: Picky Toddler Food Jags: Easy Ways to Get Your Child Eating Again 
Your toddler may be finicky with his food, but at least you can count on a few fallback foods you know he'll eat. What do you do, then, when your picky toddler won't eat his usual favorite foods? Read on.

31-Month-Old Toddler: Is My Toddler Eating Enough?
It's hard enough to get your toddler to sit still for meals, let alone keep track of how much he eats! But there are easy guidelines to help you figure out if your toddler is getting the nourishment he needs.

32-Month-Old Toddler: Kids Lunch Ideas: New Twists on Old Favorites
If lunchtime has become humdrum, it's time to put the pizzazz into some old favorites.

33-Month-Old Toddler: Picky Eater Problems: Nine Tactics That'll Tempt Your Toddler
If getting your toddler to try new foods seems about as likely as seeing Tom and Jerry make peace, don't stress. There are some wily ways to entice your picky eater to try something new.

34-Month-Old Toddler: The Sippy Cup: Simple Ways to Switch to a Big-Kid Cup
Helping your tot give up the sippy cup and teaching him to drink from an open cup is an important — yet sometimes tricky — milestone. Here's how to make it a little easier. Bottom's up!

35-Month-Old Toddler: Fish for Toddlers: What a Catch!
Healthy fish is a deliciously lean source of protein that'll have your toddler hooked!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Help..My Toddler has sleeping problems

HELP my Toddler has sleeping problems
I read this article and it has some good advice but I tried almost everything and I swear my daughter just don't like to stay sleep for long. I believe she thinks she is going to miss something. I thought by now, she can sleep 10 hours straight every night. But no..she sleep when she wants. Some nights she is very restless. I rub her back, sing, put on classical music, rub her stomach, pray, read a story etc. I'm the one suffering.

Here is some info from an article from

Help for Toddler Sleep Problems

One of the joys (and headaches) of raising a toddler is the near-constant element of surprise. And nowhere do these surprises loom larger than in the area of sleep, where the payoffs are high (“He’s sleeping all night!”) and the setbacks frustrating (“He’s still awake?”). It seems once you’ve cleared all the usual hurdles of bedtime resistance (“But I’m not sleepy!”) and fears (“There’s a monster under my bed!”), something beyond your little one’s control keeps him — and you — from getting those precious z’s.
What sorts of problems can disturb your toddler’s sleep? Some are ailments that come and go, like allergies, teething pains, and head colds. Then there are those middle-of-the-night sleep-wreckers like nightmares and nosebleeds, which can usually be tackled head-on without too much drama. Other conditions may be chronic and more serious — such as snoring and sleepwalking, which call for a long-view approach. Some problems, like sleep apnea, can be treated medically, while others, like night terrors, are phases that you have to soldier through

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Toddler's Memory

I swear sometimes my two year old forgets her lessons from school. I honestly thinks she is just playing with me. The teacher tells me she is so bright and I know she is very smart. However everytime I ask her to recite something for me she acts like she don't know. I found this article recently I will share about tips and advice regarding your toddler's memory

When Your Toddler's Memory Wanders


If you’re wondering about your toddler’s hit-or-miss memory, don’t worry. While it may seem baffling (and a little frustrating) that he forgets things so quickly, it’s completely normal. Here’s the deal:
Unlike younger minds, the toddler memory can actually store information. But what toddlers haven’t yet mastered is withdrawing factoids from their miniature memory banks. Why? For one thing, your little one simply hasn’t had practice narrating all the new and wonderful things he’s experiencing. He’s never had to piece together the parts of his day, so it’s hard to know where to start.
Another reason your toddler’s memory may seem spotty is because he’s focused on what’s important to him, not you. Think of it as the “absent-minded professor” syndrome — his mind is so cluttered with “his stuff,” such as the cookies and milk he’s about to gobble, that he has no time to focus on “your stuff,” like what he did at day care.
But just as it’s guaranteed he’ll grow out of those 2T jeans, his ability to recollect memories will grow, too. Soon enough he’ll probably be recounting every teeny, tiny detail of his day.
If you want to foster memory development, regular learning activities in the form of toddler memory games can help. But one thing for you to remember: He’s still really little and this stuff’s really new, so don’t scold or show frustration if he can’t remember things quite yet.
Here are a few toddler memory games to try:
  • Line ’em up. Arrange a couple of photos of your family in front of your toddler, then turn them facedown and see if he can remember who is in each picture. Is it Mom? The cousins? The dog? Give hints about each one before flipping them over so he has more information to go on.
  • Remember together. Some toddler memory games can be as simple as talking with your tot. After an outing, sit down together and reminisce about what you saw and did. If he can’t seem to remember, prompt him to get the juices flowing. “What were those squirrels doing?” He’ll learn how to tell his own (fascinating) story from your simple details.
  • Recall the day. Make it a habit for family members to share the day’s events at dinnertime or during your bedtime routine. That might be as simple as recalling where each of you ate lunch or whom you spoke with on the phone. You’ll sharpen your child’s memory skills and work on toddler speech while you keep in touch with what’s going on in everyone’s lives.

A few more memory tricks to have up your sleeve:
  • Give simple instructions. Because toddlers don’t have as much brain space to store information as older children do, dole out data in bite-sized chunks. It’s hard for them to focus on multiple things, and it’s easy to be distracted, so repeat instructions often, group “like” material together, and keep them really specific to increase the chances he’ll remember.
  • Ask memory-jarring questions. For example, when your toddler is starting preschool, instead of “What did you do today at school?” ask him what he had for snack, whom he sat next to during circle time, or what he did on the playground.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Home Remedies for Toddlers Ailments

I read a great article from What to that discusses home remedies for ailments your baby or toddler may get. Here are few alternative medicines and treatment you can try to avoid running out to the pharmacy.

Chamomile. If you’ve got a toddler who can’t sleep, give him a small cup of chamomile tea (let it cool down first). The tea has a calming effect, and some experts say the herb also relieves an upset tummy and can ease the torment of teething. Chamomile in cream form may even treat skin irritations and itchiness.
Aloe vera. Slice open the thick leaves of an aloe vera plant, and you’ll get a clear, gooey gel that’s been used for thousands of years to soothe cuts, sunburns, and skin infections. Direct from the plant, dab the gel onto your toddler’s skin so that it covers the entire boo-boo. Not good with plants? You can find aloe gels and creams at the drugstore.
Peppermint. Like chamomile tea, a lukewarm cup of peppermint tea may help soothe a bellyache. Peppermint can also ease skin itchiness. So if your toddler is itching for a cure, pour a cup of peppermint tea into his bathwater (the mint creates a cooling sensation on the skin).
Ginger. If your child tends to get carsick, a cup of ginger tea before hitting the road may help prevent his nausea. Mix a quarter teaspoon of grated gingerroot in hot water and add some lemon juice and honey. Your tot’s not a fan of teatime? Offer him a cookie made with real ginger instead. It may not be as potent as ginger tea, but it may offer him some relief and a sweet distraction!
Oatmeal. When it comes to treating skin conditions such as rashes, hives, and eczema, oatmeal may be your best bet. Not only does it seal in moisture and relieve irritation, oatmeal also contains anti-inflammatory properties, which decrease swelling. Simply mix uncooked oats with water to make a paste, and place it on your toddler’s itchy skin. Or fill a cloth bag with half a cup of oatmeal and add it to your toddler’s bath.
Honey. How sweet it is! Research shows that when your child has a sore throat, a spoonful of honey before bed cuts down on nighttime coughing. The syrup coats the throat and eases soreness. Plus, the sweet taste actually increases salivation, which thins mucus and alleviates the urge to cough. (But remember, don’t give honey to babies younger than a year old because it can cause infant botulism — a rare, life-threatening illness.) Another use for honey, ironically, is to prevent irritation after a bee sting. If your toddler is stung by a bee, dab some of the very honey the insect makes onto the boo-boo — it will cover the sting and keep the air out to prevent the area from getting irritated.
When giving any alternative medicines to your child, keep in mind that natural does not necessarily mean safe. Like drugs, herbal remedies can be toxic and interact with other medications. So talk with your pediatrician before giving your child any complementary or alternative medicine.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Terrible Twos

Well it finally happen. My little princess is now two and definitely have the terrible two syndrome. She is so adorable at times but when the little diva don't have her way..oh  boy a fit is coming. I am extremely amaze at her increase vocabulary of words these days. (Thanks Nick Jr.). When something happen or when she makes a mistake she loves to say "Oh No..Oh my Gosh"! The other day when she was leaving school she saw there some trash on the ground and she started saying "What a Mess" Oh Gosh. It was too cute. She loves giving hug especially when she did something wrong to you. She says "I'm sorry...give me a hug" Now I still have issues with bed time and nap time when she is home on the weekends. This little girl does not like to sleep all day. However, she hates to be disturb from her sleep especially in the morning when its time for school. I am trying so hard to get her to bed by ten so she can wake up peacefully and be ready to go to school. However, she wakes up with an attitude and wants to fight because I'm bothering her screaming "No Mommy No!" Where did my little baby go. Now she is a little toddler talking non stop and act like she is five instead of two.

Bleach and Eczema in Babies…Is it helpful?

Bleach and Eczema in Babies…Is it helpful?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Your Teething Toddler

Your Teething Toddler -- Toddler --

As a mom of a growing toddler, this is great information to read. My little is at a stage where she is again putting everything in her mouth. I constantly have to remind her that some things are not good and safe. She is beginning a little to learn right from wrong.
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good Thought: You cannot hold onto the old all the while declaring that you want something new. The old will defy the new; the old will deny the new

Friday, March 4, 2011

Busy Mom....Slow Down

These days I have been so busy juggling it all..Baby...Relationship...Career and Me. Unfortunately, taking care of me has been neglected and I am trying to get back into focus and in sync with creating a healthier lifestyle. I realize I have no choice. If I fail..nothing else will continue. My daughter needs me to be around. So each day..I'm trying my best to take it slowly.

Initially, I started this blog to be able to reach out to other moms to share the experiences of motherhood. The ups and downs and smiles and frown. Support is a good mechanism to keeping control and knowing that you are not alone. I realize this blog is therapy for me. It is a way to have some "me time" and take a moment and just "Relax and Release"

There is so much I want to accomplish and so much I want for my daughter to benefit from. Each day I live for her and knowing that I am preparing a path for greatness for her. Its amazing when you set the foundation for your child and they are looking up to you and trusting in you to lead the way. With God on my side, I won't fail. Each night I pray that she will grow up and know God and believe that she can do anything. She is so smart and witty now, that her personality is getting better each day :)  I love how she mimic the things I do.  ( I have to watch my every move now). So I will slow it down so I can enjoy each moment and won't miss a beat.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Getting Rid of the Pacifier

Oh my it has come to that time, that I really want to wean my daughter off her pacifier. She is year and a half now and I don't believe in having bad habits. Yes it is a soothing tool for her. I want her to learn how to soothe herself without a pacifier, her thumb or even her laying on my chest. According to the Baby Center, some pediatricians and speech experts say 12 months is a good time to wean your child from the pacifier because this marks the beginning of a dramatic speech development phase. If your child often has a pacifier in his mouth, he may be less likely to babble and practice talking, or the pacifier may distort his speech. I do find her sometimes trying to talk with the pacifier in her mouth, and I remind her to talk it out so Mommy can understand she is trying to say. I also read it will lessen the chance of developing ear infections. I normally give it to her at night and when she has the urge to want to put her thumb in her month. Some people say its better for her to suck on her pacifier than her thumb. Unfortunately I disagree because, I definitely don't want her past the age of two sucking her thumb. I'm so sorry. There are people in the teens and some adults who still suck their thumb. That is not cute. Some habits needs to be broken.

Here are some tips to help your baby get rid of  the pacifier

  • The power of the pacifier
  • 1. Make it taste bad
  • 2. Give it away
  • 3. Go cold turkey
  • 4. Take it away gradually
  • 5. Take it away early
  • 6. Sabotage it
  • 7. Leave it for the Binky Fairy
  • 8. "Lose" it
  • 9. Read books about it
  • 10. Let nature take its course
Happy Getting Rid of the Pacifier :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day. My daughter look so cute today going to school and will be doing her first Valentine's Day party with her friends.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Traveling with a baby

Me & Autumn went to Atlanta this weekend to see my parents, sister and brother. This isn't my first time traveling with her on a plane. However, I see as she get older she gets a little more active and hard to keep still. I learn more with each trip to pack the bare necessities and have the right things accessible. I was proud of myself this time to see that I was able to manage carry my laptop, diaper bag, carry on bag, jackets and her with out any problems. We were able to have an empty seat next to us so that way she could stretch out. During take off, I thought she would just doze off but no she just kept fighting her sleep and kept trying to keep me from taking a nap. She is something else. Every time I closed my eyes, she would slap my face to have me open it. It was Funny, she needs all the attention.

Here are some tips to know when traveling on a plane with a infant

  • Babies must be at least 7 days old to fly. (Some airlines allow younger infants with a doctor's written permission; others extend the minimum age up to 14 days or have additional restrictions.)
  • Lap babies (under age 2)( I'm taking advantage of this)..They fly free on domestic flights, usually one per paying adult; you may need to present proof of age. This does save you MONEY, but it's important to note that babies riding airplanes are safest in government-approved car seat. 
  • Airline policies for families vary widely. Many rules, including whether to allow pre-boarding, are at the discretion of the gate agent. The best advice is to call ahead and ask the following questions, but be prepared for possible changes at the gate
  • Also, you can bring on more than one bag on board when you have an infant (this will save on the price
  • Children ages 2 and up must have a ticket for their own seat.
  • You can check your stroller and usually car seat when you board and pick it up as you exit the plane. Car seat can be checked on the plane free of charge too.
  • Bring a diaper bag filled with milk, juice, snacks and toys. Depending on your flight time, babies are still babies and need to eat and play
  • You have to keep toodlers entertain. I usually sing songs, play hand games and even allow her to listen to her favorite songs on an IPOD 

  • Prepare a travel kits with first aid kit, antibacterial wipes, and clothing.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lifestyle Changes

Hello World...

I had a busy weekend but an enjoyable one. Me & Autumn had our time out this weekend. She never fails to amaze me. One moment she is on my nerves and the next I can't get enough of my princess. She is truly is the best of me.

So as we are in a new year and already one month in...I had been thinking a lot of getting me back to ME. Before I had my daughter, I was really in shape. I exercise..ate healthy and really was staying in shape. I believe those habits helped me have a great pregnancy. Post pregnancy, I went through some major changes. I did lose all my baby weight and then some. I was happy but I lost of some of my muscle tone. When I went back to work..the weight came back on as I wasn't nursing as much and eating out more. So as I looked at myself, I notice I am not as healthy as I was before and it was seriously time to invest back into my health.

I read so much about weight loss and healthy living. I realize the best thing is creating a healthy lifestyle which will contribute to eating better, losing weight and feeling really good about yourself.
So I made a conscious decision that I need to get back to healthy habits for me and for my family. I'm not getting any younger per se ( well..I still have my youthful look).

So these are some tips I am going to implement for 2011

1. Drink plenty water...(I admit I was drinking a lot of juice full of more..WATER..WATER and MORE WATER)
2. Eat Breakfast (Ugh..growing up this was always an issue for me..My mother blasted me about this over and over so I must force myself to eat something even if it a powerbar)
3. Eat 5 to 6 small meals a day ( Seriously when I was focus on weight loss never understood why should I eat more. I read something that said Eat More Lose More which help boost the metabolism. I do tend to eat just one time a day or two big meals. So I will try this method and see ;0)
4. Exercise. ( my issue is time. Between work and Autumn, and school my time is limited but I will try)
5.  Stay Focus and Be Positive. This is about me and making sure I am healthy to take care of my family.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The first night of a new Bed routine

Well the had come where I had to put my foot down a new routine. After the past few nights of being restless...I could not take it no more. Last night, I laid Autumn for bedtime earlier than I have ever done. I came home for work..gave her warm bath first...prepare dinner stories and played with her and then by 9pm..lights were out. Now honestly, I felt this was not going to happen with me getting her to bed early each night. I don't get home from work until 715pm. So I had her bedtime at around 10 to 1030pm. At first it was working for 10pm but she really started wanting to stay up later and sleep later.

I realize she is not getting enough sleep especially the 10-12 hours of sleep she needs. Myself, definitely is not getting enough rest. So when I laid her down around 9pm..of course she cried and cried. I left the room..took a shower and she was still whinning. So here comes Daddy asking was I tryting to have her to bed by 830pm. I said yes, she needs rest and so do I. Like I knew it, he went in the room to soothe her. I was mad. I don't want my princess to cry but at the same time I know she is tired and needs sleep. I was realizing how dyfuncitional our household was becoming with her basically in control. She is cranky in the morning and I'm moody too. I was gulity to fact that I didn't think I was spending enough time with her afterwork since we both are gone 10 hours a day. However I try to make most of our weekend. I will keep track of how this new bedtime routine goes for the both of us.

However, I want her to be happy. So after last night of her going to bed early..(yes she woke up again at 2am and did not go back to sleep until a little after 3am..I let her cry and of course I couldn't sleep) I notice an improvement of how happy she was this morning ready for school.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sleepless Nights

When will I ever get a good 8 hours of straight sleep without any interruptions? I really need a peaceful night of sleep. Little Autumn sleeping habits are not consistent. She is back to waking up too early in the morning and going to bed too late at night. I read some of the various methods to helping babies go to bed from the Ferber method to the Brazelton methods. I tried both. I found the Brazelton method to be more effective and was working for a few months and then the old habits came back. She wants to see me, touch me and be next too me. She can't stand the point of not being in the same room with me for a long period of time. Although, I'm a light sleeper myself, I find myself jumping up to every sound I hear coming from her room. Lately, I would wait until it got unbearable for me before I go into her room. There she is standing up in her crib waiting for me to pick her up. Now usually this happen around 4am or 5am in the morning. However, sometimes she won't go to sleep until 11pm or later. So my restless child won't rest her nerves long enough for mommy to rest hers. I usually don't go to sleep until after midnight so for her to wake up at 5am when I have to get up at 630am is not fair. When I put her in the bed with me, she just moves all around the bed, kick me in the face or back and drive her daddy crazy. I wake up with my neck sore and even a headache.

So I have been doing some more reading and going to try some new methods because now that she is 18 months ( 1  1/2 years old), mommy really need some sleep!!!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

How to Keep Your Sex Drive Alive During Pregnancy

During Pregnancy, you experience so many emotions and your body goes through changes too.
Good Article on keeping it spicy in the bedroom

How to Keep Your Sex Drive Alive During Pregnancy

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mommy I'm Expensive..So SAVE NOW FOR COLLEGE

My little princess Autumn. She was three months then. When I saw this shirt, I had to buy it. Months later she is still living to the meaning of being the Million Dollar Baby. Little Diva requires a lot. Most importantly, she requires that I invest in her future. As mothers' our children are the most important thing we have as a responsibility. They depends on us so much. I pray each day to be a better mother and do my best to give her everything she needs and little of what she wants :)

So I decided it's time to invest in a 529 plan for her. Coming from a background in financial services, I know the benefits of starting one. She will get a good education and without all the expenses and debt with it. ( don't want her to have my experiences). So mothers if you haven't started on college planning..Start today. Your baby is worth it.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Men just don't Understand

Good Morning

I'm extremely exhausted after staying up late working on a paper for class and doing some business work. You would think my other half would notice and offer to stay home last night with our daughter to help me out. NO. Going to the gym was so much more important. Yes, I use to love going to gym at my leisure but things have change now. Autumn come first. I don't have the luxury of getting and going as I wish. Unfortunately, some gym have daycare and the services are very limited. I'm gone 10 hours each day and by the time I would come home after an hour workout, Autumn tired and hungry and so is he. So superwoman to the rescuse to cook dinner, feed her, give her a bath, and get her ready for bed. Guess what its already now past 10 o clock. Yes, welcome to my world during the week. But I do what I have to do because she is my responsibility and I must provide the life she deserve. So do I make sacrifices by not going to the gym as I would want. Could have did the same...YES. but Men really just don't understand.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Love

The power of LOVE is a force so strong that nothing can match it. It's a feeling of sacrifice, commitment, and belonging. I love my daughter. She's the essence of me

Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK Day Legacy of Service - 25th Anniversary

My Dream for my Daughter

I have a Dream that one day my daughter will grow up in a world without injustice and prejudice, but in a world that exhibit love and peace. Where she can learn and play in safety. Where she can express herself without hatred and be judge upon her intelligence and actions.. and not the color of her skin. I have a dream today...Remembering MLK

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Daycare Dilemma

My daughter recently was told by the doctor she had an ear infection. Oh boy, here I go again. Since she started daycare last year, I had to deal with the colds and ear infections on more than one occasion. Her pediatrician was thorough in explaining the causes and why being in a daycare surrounded by other children will have her go through sickness until her immune system gets stronger. She had her Flu shots, I give her vitamins daily, and even cod liver oil( she doesn't like this too much). It is important to keep her hands clean and I am really adamant about keeping her hands and nails clean. Babies love putting everything in their mouth. Therefore, they will catch germs which will cause them to get sick. So the Daycare Dilemma of having to go the doctor often because of a cold, or ear infection will continue until at least elementary school age. I swear I went to her pediatrician at least one a month for something. So imagine the cost of co-pays, medicine and just time spent away from work. But I'm thankful through it all she was strong and continue to be a little fighter. A mother can't prevent everything a child will go through, but she can be there through it all and continue to keep her baby healthy and smiling :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Baby Eczema Care

When my daughter was born, three months later I discover that she had eczema. All I knew about eczema was that it was when you suffer from very dry skin. Well, I had more to learn and I did my research. Of course no mother wants to see her baby suffer with dry, irritating skin.  When she started to developed rashes, I look to find way to help in treatment. My doctor immediately told me to use non-fragrance soaps and refer to the Aveeno Baby products. I was amaze by the statistics of new babies being born with eczema. Even some of my friends had experience this with their babies. I remember asking the question, if Johnson and Johnson products are not good, why are they on the market? So all the baby gifts I received of Johnson and Johnson products had to go. Did you know that Dreft, the number one recommended detergent for babies has fragrance? Therefore, not good for eczema babies. Any detergent that is Free & Clear is much better. I use Seventh Generation or All Free & Clear to watch my daughter clothes. I have tried a number of products and prescription creams. Aveeno Soothing Relief Body Wash is great and I use the Aveeno Shampoo for washing her hair. For moisturizing her skin, I use the Aveeno Soothing Relief Body lotion. Babies with eczema must constantly stay moisturize especially in colder weather. When the weather started changing, my babies had a breakout and begin to scratch. As she became a toddler, I began a fan of 100% purse Shea Butter. It does work wonders. 100% Olive oil is good as well as pure Aloe Vera. Although there is no cure for eczema, keeping your baby moisturize is very important in helping with the relief. Baby eczema is not curable and many doctors say that as children get older they can grow out of it. Some eczema is trigger to certain foods and type of clothing. So far, I can not determine if my daughter is allergic to anything. Some days her skin is very smooth and clear. Some day she may experience a flare up. So I stock up on the Aveeno Soothing Relief Lotion and use it daily.

PrettyMomRocks: Baby Eczema Care

PrettyMomRocks: Baby Eczema Care

Maximize the moment

You are the person you choose to be. So choose to be the person who fulfills and brings to life values you hold most dearly. Today is your opportunity to express yourself to the world through the life you live and actions you take. The challenges of this moment provide a provide a rich canvas upon which you can paint the highest vision you have.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Staying home with a sick child

Working moms!  The biggest challenges that working mothers have to deal with it is leaving work early due to a emergency, caring for their baby when they are sick and being absent from work. I believe that one of the disadvantages of working for a company is when emergencies happen...they happen. Some employers are understanding and allocate you sick days and others just don't care.

Yesterday, when I dropped my daughter off to school, I had that guilt feeling something was wrong with her. She had been a little congestion and was on medicine but it wasn't doing the job. Other kids in her classroom I notice was sick and on the same medicine. So I told her teacher, please call me if you notice she is not feeling well. Of course she cried because she didn't want to leave me and that made it worst on me because I felt guilty of taking her to school. So two hours later, I got the phone call and I drove quickly to get my baby. I immediately made a doctor's appointment to bring her in.

So the diagnosis was an ear infection, cold and a fever. Doctors don't like to prescribe any cold medicine to babies under 2 years old. However, she got antibiotics for the ear infection and ibuprofen for the fever.  For her cold, it was recommended to use saline drops (non medicated) to drain out the mucus. Little ones don't know how to blow their nose or cough up the mucus so its best to use the saline drops to have it drain out.

It became an exhausting day....waiting for the doctors...waiting at the pharmacy and traveling home to just rest. At the end of the day, she is feeling better. Her fever broke and she is getting back to
normal :)

I had to stay home an extra day due to precaution from the doctor. I realize that I don't like feeling guilty when I have to go to work and have a sick child at home. I realize I must continue work on my independence and working for myself and creating an empire for my family. That's the beauty of being your call the shots. So when I need to stay home.. I will do so with no regrets.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Macy’s Heart of Haiti: Tuesday #gno Twitter Party on Giving Back

Macy’s Heart of Haiti: Tuesday #gno Twitter Party on Giving Back
Thought for the day. When work, commitment and pleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where passion lives, nothing is impossible.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Morning Sickness

Congratulations to all new pregnancies for 2011. (sorry not joining this club this year) Make sure you stay positive and take care of yourself. Here are some tips that helped me during my first trimester.

#1. In the morning, move out of bed slowly
#2. Keep Ginger Ale and saltines crackers handy
#3. When taking your prenatal vitamins, take it with food and preferably in the afternoon.
#4. If you exercised before pregnancy, continue to do so but within limits
#5. Take it easy...It's all about you and the baby

Sunday, January 9, 2011

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Praying with your children

One of my most fondest memories as a child was praying with my mother. I believe this created a bond between us and a memory that I continue with my daughter. I remember every night before bedtime my mom had me and my brother kneel with her and we prayed. My mother taught me how to pray. She would start off with the Lord's prayer or the Psalms 23 and then we recited our own prayer. Over the years, we became comfortable talking to God. My mother would have us take turns. She was patience and never pressured us...just told me to talk about what I wanted and what I was thankful for. When I lay Autumn down to sleep at night, I thank God so much for blessing me to be mom. She is a gift to me. I remember dreaming of having a daughter...a mini ME. I truly have a purpose in life and I see each time I look at her.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Home Childproofing Tips

Home Childproofing Tips

Child Proofing

I realize that I can not child proof my home enough. My daughter always seems to find a way to reach something...get something...or tear something up. All day I'm running behind her to grab something out of hand or mouth. She is so quick now that when I say "no" Autumn..she take off running like she doing a 100 meter dash. ( she is going to run track). Constantly, I'm saying..".be a good girl"..."don't touch"..."mommy says no"...sit down etc. She keeps me busy. I swear I should be a size 6 by now.
Today in the kitchen, she got creative and brought her little scooter bus in the kitchen...stood up on it to reach for something on the counter. I'm watching her thinking...if she falls and hurt herself would it teach her a lesson ? Of course, I picked her up and told her not to do it and of course she tried it again. I put locks on the cabinets... I moved stuff of the floor that are hazardous out of her reach..I teach her what's bad to touch..and Yet, unless I have an empty house Miss Autumn will find something besides the tons of money I spent on toys for her to arouse her curiosity.  Joys of Motherhood.

A Mother's Sacrifice

As Mothers we sacrifice so much for our children.
Everything is centered around them..their needs and wants. Sorry I can't get that new coach purse  right now because she is growing so fast that clothes, shoes and her necessities comes first. Every time lately I attempt to go shopping for me, I end up in Children's place or Macys children section. All about the little one. I can't help myself sometimes. I still trying to find my balance with still having my needs and wants...and taking time out for me. I do enjoy our time we spend. This morning, I just watched her as she was sleeping in my bed. She looked so precious and loves to lay right under me. Today is family day. So we going to go have lunch and maybe watch a movie together if she can sit long enough. I know God put me in this role for a reason. The is the biggest accomplishment of my life....

Friday, January 7, 2011

My Baby has a Temper

So today I received another report from my daughter school that she acted out because she did not get her way. Today she decided to scratch a child in the face on the playground. This morning, while rushing to get her to school and me to work, I notice her nails needed clipping. I wish I should have just clip her nails. Why she decided today to  use her hand inappropriately? My frustration with this is that for the past 3 months, I have received six reports about her behavior. She was on a biting a frenzy where the teachers would say it normal but as a mother I don't want a bad report. The only thing going through my mind was she was about to get kick out of school and she is only 15 months old. So I did my research, and had my talks with the teachers and with MS. AUTUMN. Each day I tell her she is a good little girl and she should share toys and not hurt people. My little princess likes attention and don't like when she can't have her way.
(NO SHE DID NOT INHERIT THIS FROM ME). So time to tighten up on the discipline because I can't be going through this at this age.


Great site to get coupons on your groceries. We need all the savings we can get. If you don't believe in coupons, the next time you come across some and want to give them away, CALL ME. I will definitely appreciate it. Enjoy

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Keri Hilson - Pretty Girl Rock

Pampers....Pampers....and More Pampers

Mothers, would you agree that we need more coupons available for Pampers. I must admit that Huggies do issue coupons for their customers, but I'm a Pampers Mom. Yes, I join the rewards program and had a good share of savings of pampers. However, lately, I haven't seen much available for pampers or even wipes. If you know of any sources of coupons...please share.

Welcome To Pretty Mom Rocks!

Hello World

Welcome to Pretty Mom Rocks! This forum is every new mom or mom to be. It's a place where we can share our joys of motherhood and some frustrations that can go along with it. One of the greatest gifts from God is giving birth. At that moment, you life changes.  You have a special baby looking up to you, and staring into your eyes and at the at moment, you realize you are a MOM.. I use to think is there some special ingredients that make of a mom. The three I would choose is 1. Love  2. Patience  3. Dedication
Love is the greatest power is the world. It conquers all. Patience is much needed. If you don’t have patience now, a baby will teach you. Lastly, is dedication. You have to be dedication to your child. You are the mother, teacher, provider and their support.

This year is New Year for growth. I wish every mother out there the best for you and your family.
The best is yet to come