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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Help..My Toddler has sleeping problems

HELP my Toddler has sleeping problems
I read this article and it has some good advice but I tried almost everything and I swear my daughter just don't like to stay sleep for long. I believe she thinks she is going to miss something. I thought by now, she can sleep 10 hours straight every night. But no..she sleep when she wants. Some nights she is very restless. I rub her back, sing, put on classical music, rub her stomach, pray, read a story etc. I'm the one suffering.

Here is some info from an article from

Help for Toddler Sleep Problems

One of the joys (and headaches) of raising a toddler is the near-constant element of surprise. And nowhere do these surprises loom larger than in the area of sleep, where the payoffs are high (“He’s sleeping all night!”) and the setbacks frustrating (“He’s still awake?”). It seems once you’ve cleared all the usual hurdles of bedtime resistance (“But I’m not sleepy!”) and fears (“There’s a monster under my bed!”), something beyond your little one’s control keeps him — and you — from getting those precious z’s.
What sorts of problems can disturb your toddler’s sleep? Some are ailments that come and go, like allergies, teething pains, and head colds. Then there are those middle-of-the-night sleep-wreckers like nightmares and nosebleeds, which can usually be tackled head-on without too much drama. Other conditions may be chronic and more serious — such as snoring and sleepwalking, which call for a long-view approach. Some problems, like sleep apnea, can be treated medically, while others, like night terrors, are phases that you have to soldier through

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  1. I think you should implement that 9pm should is bedtime and that they should eat dinner at 7pm and eat less sugary desserts. Hope these ideas of mine works for you. :)

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