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Friday, February 4, 2011

Traveling with a baby

Me & Autumn went to Atlanta this weekend to see my parents, sister and brother. This isn't my first time traveling with her on a plane. However, I see as she get older she gets a little more active and hard to keep still. I learn more with each trip to pack the bare necessities and have the right things accessible. I was proud of myself this time to see that I was able to manage carry my laptop, diaper bag, carry on bag, jackets and her with out any problems. We were able to have an empty seat next to us so that way she could stretch out. During take off, I thought she would just doze off but no she just kept fighting her sleep and kept trying to keep me from taking a nap. She is something else. Every time I closed my eyes, she would slap my face to have me open it. It was Funny, she needs all the attention.

Here are some tips to know when traveling on a plane with a infant

  • Babies must be at least 7 days old to fly. (Some airlines allow younger infants with a doctor's written permission; others extend the minimum age up to 14 days or have additional restrictions.)
  • Lap babies (under age 2)( I'm taking advantage of this)..They fly free on domestic flights, usually one per paying adult; you may need to present proof of age. This does save you MONEY, but it's important to note that babies riding airplanes are safest in government-approved car seat. 
  • Airline policies for families vary widely. Many rules, including whether to allow pre-boarding, are at the discretion of the gate agent. The best advice is to call ahead and ask the following questions, but be prepared for possible changes at the gate
  • Also, you can bring on more than one bag on board when you have an infant (this will save on the price
  • Children ages 2 and up must have a ticket for their own seat.
  • You can check your stroller and usually car seat when you board and pick it up as you exit the plane. Car seat can be checked on the plane free of charge too.
  • Bring a diaper bag filled with milk, juice, snacks and toys. Depending on your flight time, babies are still babies and need to eat and play
  • You have to keep toodlers entertain. I usually sing songs, play hand games and even allow her to listen to her favorite songs on an IPOD 

  • Prepare a travel kits with first aid kit, antibacterial wipes, and clothing.

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