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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Baby Eczema Care

When my daughter was born, three months later I discover that she had eczema. All I knew about eczema was that it was when you suffer from very dry skin. Well, I had more to learn and I did my research. Of course no mother wants to see her baby suffer with dry, irritating skin.  When she started to developed rashes, I look to find way to help in treatment. My doctor immediately told me to use non-fragrance soaps and refer to the Aveeno Baby products. I was amaze by the statistics of new babies being born with eczema. Even some of my friends had experience this with their babies. I remember asking the question, if Johnson and Johnson products are not good, why are they on the market? So all the baby gifts I received of Johnson and Johnson products had to go. Did you know that Dreft, the number one recommended detergent for babies has fragrance? Therefore, not good for eczema babies. Any detergent that is Free & Clear is much better. I use Seventh Generation or All Free & Clear to watch my daughter clothes. I have tried a number of products and prescription creams. Aveeno Soothing Relief Body Wash is great and I use the Aveeno Shampoo for washing her hair. For moisturizing her skin, I use the Aveeno Soothing Relief Body lotion. Babies with eczema must constantly stay moisturize especially in colder weather. When the weather started changing, my babies had a breakout and begin to scratch. As she became a toddler, I began a fan of 100% purse Shea Butter. It does work wonders. 100% Olive oil is good as well as pure Aloe Vera. Although there is no cure for eczema, keeping your baby moisturize is very important in helping with the relief. Baby eczema is not curable and many doctors say that as children get older they can grow out of it. Some eczema is trigger to certain foods and type of clothing. So far, I can not determine if my daughter is allergic to anything. Some days her skin is very smooth and clear. Some day she may experience a flare up. So I stock up on the Aveeno Soothing Relief Lotion and use it daily.

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