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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Men just don't Understand

Good Morning

I'm extremely exhausted after staying up late working on a paper for class and doing some business work. You would think my other half would notice and offer to stay home last night with our daughter to help me out. NO. Going to the gym was so much more important. Yes, I use to love going to gym at my leisure but things have change now. Autumn come first. I don't have the luxury of getting and going as I wish. Unfortunately, some gym have daycare and the services are very limited. I'm gone 10 hours each day and by the time I would come home after an hour workout, Autumn tired and hungry and so is he. So superwoman to the rescuse to cook dinner, feed her, give her a bath, and get her ready for bed. Guess what its already now past 10 o clock. Yes, welcome to my world during the week. But I do what I have to do because she is my responsibility and I must provide the life she deserve. So do I make sacrifices by not going to the gym as I would want. Could have did the same...YES. but Men really just don't understand.

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