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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Daycare Dilemma

My daughter recently was told by the doctor she had an ear infection. Oh boy, here I go again. Since she started daycare last year, I had to deal with the colds and ear infections on more than one occasion. Her pediatrician was thorough in explaining the causes and why being in a daycare surrounded by other children will have her go through sickness until her immune system gets stronger. She had her Flu shots, I give her vitamins daily, and even cod liver oil( she doesn't like this too much). It is important to keep her hands clean and I am really adamant about keeping her hands and nails clean. Babies love putting everything in their mouth. Therefore, they will catch germs which will cause them to get sick. So the Daycare Dilemma of having to go the doctor often because of a cold, or ear infection will continue until at least elementary school age. I swear I went to her pediatrician at least one a month for something. So imagine the cost of co-pays, medicine and just time spent away from work. But I'm thankful through it all she was strong and continue to be a little fighter. A mother can't prevent everything a child will go through, but she can be there through it all and continue to keep her baby healthy and smiling :)

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