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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Staying home with a sick child

Working moms!  The biggest challenges that working mothers have to deal with it is leaving work early due to a emergency, caring for their baby when they are sick and being absent from work. I believe that one of the disadvantages of working for a company is when emergencies happen...they happen. Some employers are understanding and allocate you sick days and others just don't care.

Yesterday, when I dropped my daughter off to school, I had that guilt feeling something was wrong with her. She had been a little congestion and was on medicine but it wasn't doing the job. Other kids in her classroom I notice was sick and on the same medicine. So I told her teacher, please call me if you notice she is not feeling well. Of course she cried because she didn't want to leave me and that made it worst on me because I felt guilty of taking her to school. So two hours later, I got the phone call and I drove quickly to get my baby. I immediately made a doctor's appointment to bring her in.

So the diagnosis was an ear infection, cold and a fever. Doctors don't like to prescribe any cold medicine to babies under 2 years old. However, she got antibiotics for the ear infection and ibuprofen for the fever.  For her cold, it was recommended to use saline drops (non medicated) to drain out the mucus. Little ones don't know how to blow their nose or cough up the mucus so its best to use the saline drops to have it drain out.

It became an exhausting day....waiting for the doctors...waiting at the pharmacy and traveling home to just rest. At the end of the day, she is feeling better. Her fever broke and she is getting back to
normal :)

I had to stay home an extra day due to precaution from the doctor. I realize that I don't like feeling guilty when I have to go to work and have a sick child at home. I realize I must continue work on my independence and working for myself and creating an empire for my family. That's the beauty of being your call the shots. So when I need to stay home.. I will do so with no regrets.

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