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Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Mother's Sacrifice

As Mothers we sacrifice so much for our children.
Everything is centered around them..their needs and wants. Sorry I can't get that new coach purse  right now because she is growing so fast that clothes, shoes and her necessities comes first. Every time lately I attempt to go shopping for me, I end up in Children's place or Macys children section. All about the little one. I can't help myself sometimes. I still trying to find my balance with still having my needs and wants...and taking time out for me. I do enjoy our time we spend. This morning, I just watched her as she was sleeping in my bed. She looked so precious and loves to lay right under me. Today is family day. So we going to go have lunch and maybe watch a movie together if she can sit long enough. I know God put me in this role for a reason. The is the biggest accomplishment of my life....

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