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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome To Pretty Mom Rocks!

Hello World

Welcome to Pretty Mom Rocks! This forum is every new mom or mom to be. It's a place where we can share our joys of motherhood and some frustrations that can go along with it. One of the greatest gifts from God is giving birth. At that moment, you life changes.  You have a special baby looking up to you, and staring into your eyes and at the at moment, you realize you are a MOM.. I use to think is there some special ingredients that make of a mom. The three I would choose is 1. Love  2. Patience  3. Dedication
Love is the greatest power is the world. It conquers all. Patience is much needed. If you don’t have patience now, a baby will teach you. Lastly, is dedication. You have to be dedication to your child. You are the mother, teacher, provider and their support.

This year is New Year for growth. I wish every mother out there the best for you and your family.
The best is yet to come

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