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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lifestyle Changes

Hello World...

I had a busy weekend but an enjoyable one. Me & Autumn had our time out this weekend. She never fails to amaze me. One moment she is on my nerves and the next I can't get enough of my princess. She is truly is the best of me.

So as we are in a new year and already one month in...I had been thinking a lot of getting me back to ME. Before I had my daughter, I was really in shape. I exercise..ate healthy and really was staying in shape. I believe those habits helped me have a great pregnancy. Post pregnancy, I went through some major changes. I did lose all my baby weight and then some. I was happy but I lost of some of my muscle tone. When I went back to work..the weight came back on as I wasn't nursing as much and eating out more. So as I looked at myself, I notice I am not as healthy as I was before and it was seriously time to invest back into my health.

I read so much about weight loss and healthy living. I realize the best thing is creating a healthy lifestyle which will contribute to eating better, losing weight and feeling really good about yourself.
So I made a conscious decision that I need to get back to healthy habits for me and for my family. I'm not getting any younger per se ( well..I still have my youthful look).

So these are some tips I am going to implement for 2011

1. Drink plenty water...(I admit I was drinking a lot of juice full of more..WATER..WATER and MORE WATER)
2. Eat Breakfast (Ugh..growing up this was always an issue for me..My mother blasted me about this over and over so I must force myself to eat something even if it a powerbar)
3. Eat 5 to 6 small meals a day ( Seriously when I was focus on weight loss never understood why should I eat more. I read something that said Eat More Lose More which help boost the metabolism. I do tend to eat just one time a day or two big meals. So I will try this method and see ;0)
4. Exercise. ( my issue is time. Between work and Autumn, and school my time is limited but I will try)
5.  Stay Focus and Be Positive. This is about me and making sure I am healthy to take care of my family.

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