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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The first night of a new Bed routine

Well the had come where I had to put my foot down a new routine. After the past few nights of being restless...I could not take it no more. Last night, I laid Autumn for bedtime earlier than I have ever done. I came home for work..gave her warm bath first...prepare dinner stories and played with her and then by 9pm..lights were out. Now honestly, I felt this was not going to happen with me getting her to bed early each night. I don't get home from work until 715pm. So I had her bedtime at around 10 to 1030pm. At first it was working for 10pm but she really started wanting to stay up later and sleep later.

I realize she is not getting enough sleep especially the 10-12 hours of sleep she needs. Myself, definitely is not getting enough rest. So when I laid her down around 9pm..of course she cried and cried. I left the room..took a shower and she was still whinning. So here comes Daddy asking was I tryting to have her to bed by 830pm. I said yes, she needs rest and so do I. Like I knew it, he went in the room to soothe her. I was mad. I don't want my princess to cry but at the same time I know she is tired and needs sleep. I was realizing how dyfuncitional our household was becoming with her basically in control. She is cranky in the morning and I'm moody too. I was gulity to fact that I didn't think I was spending enough time with her afterwork since we both are gone 10 hours a day. However I try to make most of our weekend. I will keep track of how this new bedtime routine goes for the both of us.

However, I want her to be happy. So after last night of her going to bed early..(yes she woke up again at 2am and did not go back to sleep until a little after 3am..I let her cry and of course I couldn't sleep) I notice an improvement of how happy she was this morning ready for school.

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