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Monday, January 24, 2011

Sleepless Nights

When will I ever get a good 8 hours of straight sleep without any interruptions? I really need a peaceful night of sleep. Little Autumn sleeping habits are not consistent. She is back to waking up too early in the morning and going to bed too late at night. I read some of the various methods to helping babies go to bed from the Ferber method to the Brazelton methods. I tried both. I found the Brazelton method to be more effective and was working for a few months and then the old habits came back. She wants to see me, touch me and be next too me. She can't stand the point of not being in the same room with me for a long period of time. Although, I'm a light sleeper myself, I find myself jumping up to every sound I hear coming from her room. Lately, I would wait until it got unbearable for me before I go into her room. There she is standing up in her crib waiting for me to pick her up. Now usually this happen around 4am or 5am in the morning. However, sometimes she won't go to sleep until 11pm or later. So my restless child won't rest her nerves long enough for mommy to rest hers. I usually don't go to sleep until after midnight so for her to wake up at 5am when I have to get up at 630am is not fair. When I put her in the bed with me, she just moves all around the bed, kick me in the face or back and drive her daddy crazy. I wake up with my neck sore and even a headache.

So I have been doing some more reading and going to try some new methods because now that she is 18 months ( 1  1/2 years old), mommy really need some sleep!!!!!

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