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Friday, January 21, 2011

Mommy I'm Expensive..So SAVE NOW FOR COLLEGE

My little princess Autumn. She was three months then. When I saw this shirt, I had to buy it. Months later she is still living to the meaning of being the Million Dollar Baby. Little Diva requires a lot. Most importantly, she requires that I invest in her future. As mothers' our children are the most important thing we have as a responsibility. They depends on us so much. I pray each day to be a better mother and do my best to give her everything she needs and little of what she wants :)

So I decided it's time to invest in a 529 plan for her. Coming from a background in financial services, I know the benefits of starting one. She will get a good education and without all the expenses and debt with it. ( don't want her to have my experiences). So mothers if you haven't started on college planning..Start today. Your baby is worth it.

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