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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Praying with your children

One of my most fondest memories as a child was praying with my mother. I believe this created a bond between us and a memory that I continue with my daughter. I remember every night before bedtime my mom had me and my brother kneel with her and we prayed. My mother taught me how to pray. She would start off with the Lord's prayer or the Psalms 23 and then we recited our own prayer. Over the years, we became comfortable talking to God. My mother would have us take turns. She was patience and never pressured us...just told me to talk about what I wanted and what I was thankful for. When I lay Autumn down to sleep at night, I thank God so much for blessing me to be mom. She is a gift to me. I remember dreaming of having a daughter...a mini ME. I truly have a purpose in life and I see each time I look at her.

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  1. It is very important to teach your child how to pray. My grandmother taught me how to pray when I was a child, every Sunday was spent in church. Teaching our children how to prey will help them to face and cope with the adversities that will come up. This is a new generation and this world is so corrupt, children need a strong spirtual foundation to help them make positive decisions.