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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Child Proofing

I realize that I can not child proof my home enough. My daughter always seems to find a way to reach something...get something...or tear something up. All day I'm running behind her to grab something out of hand or mouth. She is so quick now that when I say "no" Autumn..she take off running like she doing a 100 meter dash. ( she is going to run track). Constantly, I'm saying..".be a good girl"..."don't touch"..."mommy says no"...sit down etc. She keeps me busy. I swear I should be a size 6 by now.
Today in the kitchen, she got creative and brought her little scooter bus in the kitchen...stood up on it to reach for something on the counter. I'm watching her thinking...if she falls and hurt herself would it teach her a lesson ? Of course, I picked her up and told her not to do it and of course she tried it again. I put locks on the cabinets... I moved stuff of the floor that are hazardous out of her reach..I teach her what's bad to touch..and Yet, unless I have an empty house Miss Autumn will find something besides the tons of money I spent on toys for her to arouse her curiosity.  Joys of Motherhood.

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