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Friday, January 7, 2011

My Baby has a Temper

So today I received another report from my daughter school that she acted out because she did not get her way. Today she decided to scratch a child in the face on the playground. This morning, while rushing to get her to school and me to work, I notice her nails needed clipping. I wish I should have just clip her nails. Why she decided today to  use her hand inappropriately? My frustration with this is that for the past 3 months, I have received six reports about her behavior. She was on a biting a frenzy where the teachers would say it normal but as a mother I don't want a bad report. The only thing going through my mind was she was about to get kick out of school and she is only 15 months old. So I did my research, and had my talks with the teachers and with MS. AUTUMN. Each day I tell her she is a good little girl and she should share toys and not hurt people. My little princess likes attention and don't like when she can't have her way.
(NO SHE DID NOT INHERIT THIS FROM ME). So time to tighten up on the discipline because I can't be going through this at this age.


  1. She's a leader! She will be one to start tends and lead the group. She's going to very independent and a go getter! I know it. I see it in her! Sis all babies go through these things. Yes discipline is necessary and definitely letting her know that kind of behavior is not acceptable!